Sunday, September 27, 2015

Church Record Sunday - Honora Creedan Baptism in Clondrohid Parish, Ireland

I've been searching for my 2x great-grandfather Timothy Creeden's baptism record in the registers available on the National Library of Ireland site. From other records, I believe that Timothy was born in early 1846 and records for his siblings showed that they were baptized in Clondrohid Parish. Unfortunately, the NLI site shows that it only has 1846 records for November and December for Clondrohid. I've been searching through the nearby parishes, but so far haven't had any luck finding Timothy.

I decided to search for Timothy's siblings and quickly found a record for his older sister Julia. Finding his younger sister Hanora took a little more searching. I have a transcribed record that gives Honora's baptism date as August 6, 1846 in Clondrohid Parish, so started my search with August, 1848.

The first page that came up for August didn't have any trace for Hanora. In looking at the date, I wonder if this could be one of the missing pages for August 1846.

The next page for September also looked like it could be for 1846, as well as the page that followed for June.

Compare this to the second page tagged for September 1848, where the last number is definitely an 8.
Another page for August 1848 appeared a couple of pages down and this one looked like 1848. This is one of the harder to read pages, but I was able to make out the entry for Honora on August 6, 1848.
Hanora Creedan on Page 20, Microfilm 05003/01, Clondrohid Parish
The entry says that Hanora's parents were Pat Creedan and Mary Coakley. Witnesses were John Keeffee and Johanna Toomy and the location was Carrigapooca. Interesting to see John Keefe there, since a John Keefe and his wife Johanna Creedon were one of the other families that wound up in Clinton County, Ohio where my Creedens settled.

There are a few other Creedans on this page. At the bottom of the same page, I can't make out the date or child's name, but it also has the location of Carrgapooca. The parents are Daniel Riordan and Kate Creedan and one of the witnesses is Mary Creedan. The date above it is August 25.
Child of Daniel Riordan and Kate Creedan, August 1848, Clondrohid Parish
I'm finding that the Creedan spelling was used quite often in the Clondrohid records. Creedan also appears in the earlier records in Clinton County, Ohio, but most of them had changed the spelling to Creeden or Creedon by the 1880s.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday's Obituary - Mary Coakley

This short notice appeared in the Wilmington Journal on December 28, 1887.

  The widow of the late Jerry Coakley died at the residence of her son-in-law, Patrick Egan, in Wilmington, on last Friday, at the age of eighty-four years.

Mary Ryan Coakley was born in County Cork, Ireland and came to Wilmington, Ohio with her husband Jerry Coakley. According to her tombstone on FindAGrave, Mary died on December 23, 1887 at the age of 81 years. Her son-in-law Patrick Egan was married to Catherine Coakley on September 13, 1868. Mary is buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery in Wilmington, Ohio.

I've been researching this Coakley family since my 3x great-grandfather Patrick Creedan was married to a Mary Coakley. Patrick Creedan and Jerry Coakley were both present at the first Catholic mass held in Wilmington in 1852 and the two families seemed close. I'd love to hear from anyone with information on the Clinton County Coakleys.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday's Obituary - L. D. Matson

This obituary was published in the Clinton Democrat in Wilmington, Ohio on June 14, 1917. Lorenzo Dow Matson was the brother of my 2x great-grandmother Mary Matson Creeden. He was married to Ruth Athey.

L. D. Matson Dies of Paralysis. 

  L. D. Matson; well known farmer of Clinton county residing on rural route No. 5, passed away at 6:15 Friday evening, lune 8, at his home, paralysis being the cause of his death. Mr. Matson had been ailing for quite a while but was up and about until within a short time of his death, being confined to his bed but two days. Memorial Day he was in Wilmington to observe the exercises.
  Mr. Matson was 68 years of age and a life-long resident of Clinton county. He was one of the most highly esteemed farmers of his neighborhood, enjoying the respect of a wide acquaintance.
  He is survived by his widow and three sons, Henry, of Ogden, Lawrence and Roy, of Wilmington. Daniel Matson, residing on route No. 7, is a brother of the deceased, Mrs. Mary Creeden and Mrs. Theresa Shaller, both of Celina, are his sisters. Three step-children, Chelse and Walter Stoops and Mrs. Mary Laurens, are also living.
  Funeral services were held Sunday at the home and burial was made in New Antioch. Rev. Eliza Thorne, of  Sabina, conducted the services.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Church Record Sunday - Clondrohid Parish, Ireland

I've been spending some time looking through the Catholic Parish Registers on the National Library of Ireland site. The records aren't searchable, but can be narrowed down to the parish and date. There are controls to zoom in and out, adjust the contrast, download images, and a map feature that's handy for finding surrounding parishes.

I quickly found the record for my 2x great-grandfather's sister, Julia Creeden. She was baptized on July 3, 1842 in Clondrohid Parish. Her parents were Patrick Creeden and Mary Cokley and sponsors were Daniel Cokley and Hanora Creeden. The townland was given as Carrigapooka. I've also seen the last names for the parents spelled as Creedon or Creedan and Coakley, but I'll go with the spellings as they appear in the records.

Clondrohid, Ireland Baptism Register for July 1842 from National Library of Ireland
I was hoping to find a record for my 2x great-grandfather Timothy Creeden, but no such luck. I'm fairly certain that he was born in early 1846 and the only records available for Clondrohid in 1846 are for November and December. It's possible he was born in another parish, so I'll keep looking.

Meanwhile, I'm going to start listing the Creedon and any related families that I find in the registers. This post covers Creedens in the Clondrohid baptism registers from July to December, 1842. I was really having trouble making out some of the townlands, so I'm using the closest match from the list of Clondrohid townlands on the Irish Time website.

The page with Julia Creeden lists baptisms recorded in Clondrohid Parish for July 1842. I didn't find any other Creedon or Coakley references for July, August, November, or December 1842. Following are the other Creeden and Carrigapooka listings that I found from September to December 1842.

Sept. 5, 1842 - Johanna, Parents: Timothy Creeden, Johanna Kelleher, Sponsors: Sebastian Murphy, Catharine Creeden, Townland: Lacktify
Sept 14, 1842 - Mary, Parents: Thomas Mullan, Mary Doody, Sponsors: Daniel Creeden, Ellen Mullan, Townland:  ? (Mullan is possibly Mullane)
Sept. 25, 1842 - James, Parents: Denis Creeden, Julia Mullan, Sponsors: Mathias Kelleher, Margaret Kierney, Townland: Mullenroe

Oct. 25, 1842 - Mary, Parents: Morty Kelleher, Mary Creeden, Sponsors: Jeremiah Kelleher, Catharine (no last name), Townland: Ardeen

Dec. 7, 1842 - Julianna, Parents: Patrick Buckley, Ellen Waters, Sponsors: Andrew Buckley, Mary Waters, Townland: Carragapooka

I'll follow up in future posts with additional listings from the registers. Thanks to the National Library of Ireland for making this resource freely available!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mystery Monday - Meredith or Godwin?

I've posted about this census record before, but I'm taking another look at it in light of some new information.

1850 US Census, 3rd District, Queen Anne's County, MD
In the 1850 census for Queen Anne's County, MD, there are several people with different surnames living in the same household. Samuel and Susan Sparks are my 2x great-grandparents and they have a newborn named Martha Ann. Every tree I've ever seen for the family has Samuel and Ann Godwin as the parents of Susan Godwin, and Susan Godwin as the wife of Samuel Sparks.

There are a couple of marriage records to support this. From the marriage records for Queen Anne's County available on the Maryland State Archives site, Samuel Godwin married Ann Davis on March 23, 1824 and Samuel Sparks married Susan Godwin on July 16, 1849. There is a Rebecca Davis living with the family who is 6 years younger than Ann Godwin, so that indicates there could be a relation to the Davis family. There are also two Meridith children living in the household.

The new to me information is from the death certificate for my great-grandmother Arianna Sparks. I knew that Arianna was the daughter of Samuel and Susan Sparks and had thought that Susan's maiden name was Godwin. The death certificate says that Arianna's parents are Samuel Sparks and Susan Meredith! It's interesting that one of the Meridith children living in the Godwin household is also named Arianna, so it does seem like there is a relationship between the families.

 I can think of several possibilities for the difference in last names for Susan:
  • The death certificate could be wrong. The informant was Arianna's daughter Ruby and perhaps she got the name confused with her other grandmother, Mary Ann Meredith, wife of Francis Councill.
  • The death certificate could be correct and Susan's maiden name really was Meredith. That raises the question of why the Sparks and Merediths were living with the Godwins? I couldn't find any Queen Anne's marriage records for a Susan Meredith
  • Susan could've remarried to a Meredith after Samuel Sparks died. This can be ruled out since Samuel died in 1899 and Susan's estate was filed in 1902 under the name Susan A. Sparks.
  • Susan Meredith could've married a Godwin before her marriage to Samuel Sparks. I couldn't find any evidence to support this in the Queen Anne's marriage records.
For now, I'm leaning towards a mistake on the death certificate, although it's possible there was a marriage for Susan in another county. Investigating the Meredith children might shed some light on the relationship to the Meredith family, so I'll follow up on that in a future post.