Friday, December 29, 2017

Surname Saturday - My Creeden Tree

When I started my blog, I didn't know anything about Timothy Creeden's origins other than he came from Ireland and family legend said he was from County Cork. Timothy is my 2x great-grandfather and for a long time I thought he was my earliest ancestor from Ireland. Since them I've learned that his father Patrick Creedan came to Clinton County, OH in 1849 and then sent for his children Timothy and Julia after he received word that his wife (Mary Coakley) had died in Ireland. The following report shows three generations of my Creeden tree.

Outline Descendant Report for Patrick Creedan:

1 Patrick Creedan b: 1814 in Ireland, d: 18 Jun 1883 in Clinton County, OH
  +Mary Coakley b: Ireland, m: Ireland, d: Bef. 1851 in Ireland
...2 Julia Creeden b: 01 Jul 1842 in Clondrohid, County Cork, Ireland, d: 22 Feb 1918 in Mount St. Joseph, Ohio
...2 Timothy Creeden b: 26 Mar 1846 in County Cork, Ireland, d: 14 Dec 1899 in Mercer, Ohio, USA
     +Mary Ann Matson b: 21 Apr 1851 in Clinton County, OH, m: 10 Dec 1868 in Clinton County , Ohio, USA, d: 08 Sep 1925 in Celina, OH
......3 Patrick Creeden b: 19 Nov 1869 in Clinton County, OH, d: 29 Nov 1872 in Clinton County, OH
......3 James E. Creeden b: 23 Oct 1871 in Clinton County, OH, d: 03 Oct 1889 in Mercer, Ohio, USA
......3 Mary Elizabeth Creeden b: 23 Mar 1874 in Clinton County, OH, d: 13 Aug 1930
        +George Fischer b: 1874, m: Abt. 1895, d: 14 Dec 1937 in California
......3 Daniel Creeden b: 29 Apr 1877, d: 21 Mar 1962 in Mercer County, OH (MCGS: Rockford OH Nursing Home)
        +Lena Gleagall b: 27 Jan 1879, d: 27 May 1962 in Toledo, OH
......3 Dennis L. Creeden b: 08 Sep 1878 in Clinton County, OH, d: 17 Jan 1930
        +Nellie Burton b: 03 Nov 1878 in Skeels Crossing, Mercer County, OH, m: 21 Jan 1901 in Mercer, Ohio, USA
......3 Edward Creeden b: 10 Apr 1884, d: 14 Feb 1937 in Newport, KY
......3 Charles Acy Creeden b: 05 Nov 1886 in Celina, OH, d: 09 May 1958 in Mercer, Ohio, USA
        + Anna Theresia Niehaus b: 11 Apr 1888 in Celina, OH, m: 27 Nov 1907 in Celina, OH, d: 07 Nov 1968 in Gibbons Hospital, Celina, OH
......3 Julia Dorothy Creeden b: 10 Nov 1888 in Celina, OH, d: 22 Apr 1967 in Pueblo, CO
        +Lorenz Richard Balleweg b: 28 Jan 1886 in Verdigree,Ne, m: 29 May 1913 in Pueblo, CO, d: 22 Aug 1948 in Pueblo,Pueblo,Co
......3 Idabel Creeden b: 04 Oct 1891 in Celina, Mercer County, Ohio, USA, d: 01 May 1974 in Celina, Mercer, OH
        +Harvey W. Stout b: 24 Jan 1891, d: 23 Dec 1964
......3 Joshua Patrick Creeden b: 07 Dec 1894 in Celina, OH, d: 26 Jun 1964 in Three Rivers, MI
        +Audria Olive King b: 22 Apr 1889, m: Feb 1920 in Mercer, Ohio, USA, d: 16 May 1989 in Celina, OH
...2 Hanora Creedan b: 1848 in Clondrohid, County Cork, Ireland
  +Hannah Jane Hoover b: 1822 in Clinton County, OH, m: 1851 in Clinton County, OH, d: 10 Oct 1879 in Clinton County, OH
...2 Phebe Creedan b: 1858 in Clinton County, OH, d: 07 Jan 1883 in Clinton County, OH
...2 Hannah Jane Creedan b: 1860 in Ohio
     +Jacob Gilbert Moorman m: 29 Jul 1880 in Clinton County, OH
......3 Jesse William Moorman b: 15 Apr 1884 in Sabina, Clinton, Ohio
......3 Elizabeth Hannah "Bessie" Moorman b: 21 Jul 1881 in Sabina, Clinton, Ohio, d: 07 Dec 1941 in Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio
        +William Thomas Bidlingmyer b: 1881, m: 01 Sep 1904 in Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
...2 Rose Creedan b: 1861 in Ohio, d: 30 Jun 1922 in Mercer, Ohio, USA
...2 Patrick W. Creedan b: 1864 in Ohio
...2 Johanna Creedan b: 30 Oct 1853 in Clinton County, OH, d: 30 Jan 1875 in Clinton County, OH
     + Charles B. Bernard m: 07 Dec 1873 in Clinton County, OH
......3 Eliza Bernard b: 29 Dec 1874 in Clinton County, OH, d: 11 Jan 1875 in Clinton County, OH
......3 Elijah Quincy Bernard b: 30 Dec 1874 in Clinton County, OH, d: 05 Jun 1942 in Wilmington, Clinton, Ohio, USA
...2 John Creedan b: 13 Nov 1853 in Clinton County, OH, d: 13 Dec 1923 in Recovery, Mercer, Ohio, USA
     +Minerva McFarland d: Bef. 1915
......3 Hiram Hurlbert Creedan b: 04 Mar 1875, d: 19 Sep 1935 in Sabina, Clinton, Ohio
        +Hallie M b: Abt. 1888, d: 26 Sep 1961 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
......3 Flora May Creedan b: 16 Nov 1889 in Greenville, Darke, Ohio, d: 1959 in Winchester, Indiana, USA
        +John Norris d: 1959
......3 Estella Catherine Creedan b: 20 Oct 1894 in Adams, Darke, Ohio, USA
        +Isaac Clarence Pyle m: 21 Aug 1915 in Jay County, Indiana

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tuesday's Tip - The Ohio History Connection Site

If you have ancestors from Ohio, be sure and check out the the Ohio History Connection. This is the online home of the archives at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. A few items I've found useful are:

Searchable databases - They have searchable databases online including their online collections catalog, Ohio public records index, Ohio newspaper portal, and all volumes of the Ohio History Journal.

Ohio Public Records Index - Provides an index to Ohio death certificates searchable by name, county, and years. Names are spelled as they were entered into the index, so you may have to try variations. Only certain years are covered as stated on the main index page.

Online Collections Catalog - Searches their newspaper and state archives collections by keyword.

Newspaper index - This index lists their newspaper resources by county or city. Other documents available for the selected area are also provided in the search results.

Research guides - A set of research guides for help on researching specific record types.

Photocopy requests - Instructions on how to request photocopies of records in the archives.

I had great success with the photocopy service. I requested scans of microfilm images for a few issues of the Celina Democrat newspaper and received digital copies of the pages within a couple of days after making payment. Their email response was quick and very helpful and the quality of the scans was excellent. The pages contained an obituary for my 2x great-grandfather Timothy Creeden that I'd been trying to track down for years.

This is just a sampling of what's available on their site. Thanks to the Ohio History Connection for providing such a valuable resource!

Note: "Flag of Ohio" image designed by John Eisenmann, SVG code by SiBr4 -  Licensed under Public Domain via Commons