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Surname Saturday - Creeden families in Clinton County, Ohio

The Creeden (or Creedon) surname isn't that common, but there were quite a few Creedon families in Clinton County, Ohio in the 1800s. I've wondered what the connections were between them and if any of them are related to my Timothy Creeden.

The first record I found for Timothy was the 1870 census where he is with his wife Mary Ann Matson and their newborn son Patrick in the Richland Township of Clinton County. They don't own land and are living with or next to John Matson and his family. The box for US Citizen is checked for Timothy which indicates he may have been in the US for a few years. The earliest record I have for him is his marriage to Mary in 1868. My great-grandfather said that Timothy served in the Civil War and was from County Cork, Ireland, but I haven't been able to find any records to prove that.

A Patrick Creedan, wife Hannah Hoover and family lived in neighboring Wayne Township. This family has intrigued me since some of the same names run through the families and some of Timothy's children were born in Wayne Township. Also, Patrick's son John last lived in Mercer County, Ohio where my Timothy moved around 1884. Patrick's daughter Rosanne may have also lived in Mercer County.

Patrick Creedan and family in 1860 census in Clinton County
Patrick's family in the 1870 census in Clinton County
The following Creedon families lived in Wilmington, Clinton County. These are from the 1870 census unless otherwise noted:
  • Hannah age 40 with Kate 16, Mary 11, Maggie 9 and Johanna 6. All were born in Ireland except for Johanna who was born in Ohio. From a message board post, Hanora was born in 1834 in Millstreet, County Cork and was married to Timothy Creedon, born 1837 in Ireland and died 1865 in Ohio. Hanora's maiden name was also Creedon and she died on 2-27-1918 in Clinton County.
  • Johanna Credon, 35, born in Ireland, working as a domestic servant for the Sayrs family
  • Catherine Credon, 16, born in Ireland, working as a domestic servant for the Ficher family
  • Margaret Creadon, 48, born in Ireland, working as a domestic servant for the Nichols family. From a message board post, Johanna, Catherine, and Margaret may be sisters from the Macroom parish in County Cork, Ireland.
  • Daniel Credon, 34, born in Ireland, working as sexton of cemetery, with wife Julia, 30, born in Ireland, daughter Jennie, 8 and son Jerry, 2. Both children were born in Ohio.
  • From a message board post, John Haley and Catherine Creedon (b. 1854) from Ireland lived near Wilmington for many years. All of the children were born there: William, Margaret, Dennis, Sylvester,  Francis, and Patricia.

Daniel Creden, 50, wife Catherine, 47, sons Patrick, 14 and John 10, lived in Liberty Township in the 1870 census, all born in Ireland.

There are several Creedon mentions in some of the histories of Clinton County:
  • William Haley, born April 9, 1841, in County Cork, Ireland was the son of Dennis and Julia (Creedon) Haley.  William and his wife came from Ireland to Wilmington in 1868 and eventually settled in Wilson Township in Clinton County. Their sons William and John Haley also came to the US from Ireland.
  • John Keefe and Johanna Creedon came to America in April, 1858, and located on a farm near Wilmington, Clinton County. They were the parents of six children, Timothy, Mary, James, Patrick, Hannah and Julia. (Another family with very similar names to mine.)
  • Patrick Creeden was at the first Catholic mass served in Clinton County in 1852.
  • Frank Murphy was born in Clinton County to parents Patrick Murphy & Bridget O'Donnell. Bridget was born in 1850 and still living in 1915. Her father died young and her mother remarried to Daniel Credan. Bridget's mother and Daniel Credan followed her to the US. (This is possibly the same Daniel Creden in Liberty Township in 1870.)
Macroom, Ballyvourney, and Millstreet in County Cork, Ireland are the places mentioned for possible origins of these families.These are are all within a few miles of each other, so it seems likely that at least some of these families are related.
Note: Clinton County Township map is from wikipedia.


  1. In my research, I have a Timothy Creedon and Honora Creedon who had Katherine, Joseph Gorman, Daniel, Mary, Margaret, and Honora. Katherine married John Haley, Mary Ceeedon married Joseph Gorman, Margaret married Albert Leroy Sliker, and Honor married Richard Egan. Honora was born on June 24, 1865 in NY not Ohio. They had a brother Daniel that got on the ship with them but died at sea.

    1. I have a copy of the marriage license for Honora and Richard Egan and it gives her place of birth as the Atlantic Ocean! I think our Creedons are probably related. I found a newspaper article that said my 2x great-grandfather's sister Julia was related to the Haley families of Clinton County. Thanks for the information on your family!