Monday, August 5, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Ferdinand Desch's Will

Ferdinand Desch was my 3x great-grandfather. He was born around 1825 in Germany and settled in Mercer County, Ohio. He married Katharina Anthony in Mercer County and their daughter Catharina was my 2x great-grandmother. Ferdinand died in 1884 and is buried in the St. John cemetery in Mercer County. His wife Katharina died in 1879, but her mother Margaretha Anthony was still living with the family when Ferdinand died in 1884. Following is Ferdinand Desch's last will and testament.


In the Name of the Benevolent Father of All, Amen:

I, Ferdinand Desch, of the town of St. John, County of Mercer, and State of Ohio, being about 59 years of age, and being of sound and disposing mind and memory, Do Make, Publish and Declare this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making null and void all other last Wills and Testaments by me made heretofore:

   FIRST:--My Will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid out of my Estate, as soon after my decease as shall be found convenient.
   SECOND:--I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH TO my son Charles Desch the entire sawmill and two acres land commonly called Millport and two lots on which the mill stands situated in the town of Chickasaw County of Mercer State of Ohio.
(Item Two) To my son John Desch living at Celina to keep for his share all that property which he has received already but he shall have no claim hereafter.
(Item three.) To my beloved daughter Catharina Desch all that property which she has received already but she shall have no claim hereafter.
(Item four.) To my beloved daughter Mary Desch wife of Bernard Gast the sum of Thirteen hundred dollars of which seven hundred dollars are paid already ballance due for her share amounting to six hundred dollars.
(Item five) To my belov. daughter Anna Desch wife of William Desch the sum of Thirteen hundred dollars of which Three hundred dollars are paid, ballance due for her share One thousand dol.
(Item six) to my son Jacob Desch. Eighty acres of land situated on the north east side of Section (14) range (3) town (7) and he has to pay to the administrator of my smaller children the sum of Fifteen hundred dollars.
(Item seven) To my beloved daughter Elisabeth and Mina shall have their claim of Three thousand doll($1500 each) on the Eighty acres of Section 14) Town (7) range (3) laying along the half section line, the ballance of said land shall be used for the benefit of my whole family.
(Item eight.) To my beloved son Joseph Desch shall have the Eighty acres of Land in Granville Tp. Mercer Co State of Ohio situated in Section 28. Town (5) range 2 on the north side of said range.
Item nine) To my beloved son Bernard Desch the Eighty acres of land in Granville Tp. Mercer Co Ohio situated in Section 28) Town 15) range 2) on the south side of said range.


(Item Ten.) To my beloved son Ferdinand Desch my youngest child the old place on which I live commonly called the old home situated in Section 14) Town 7.) range three (3) east.
(Item Eleven.) I appoint my beloved son Charles Desch to act as Administrator for my younger children.
Item Twelf.) That  my beloved mother in law Margaretha Anthony shall have a right to live on the old place as long as she lives.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have set my hand to this, my Last Will and Testament, at my house, this 17th day of March, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Four.

Ferdinand Desch made his mark.

   The foregoing Instrument was signed by the said Ferdinand Desch in our presence and by him published and declared as and for his last Will and Testament, and at his request and in our presence, and in the presence of each other, we hereunto subscribe our Names as Attesting Witnesses at his home this 17th day of March A.D. 1884.

Signed by ? and Joseph J. Reichart, resides at St. John.

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