Sunday, August 9, 2015

Church Record Sunday - Clondrohid Parish, Ireland

I've been spending some time looking through the Catholic Parish Registers on the National Library of Ireland site. The records aren't searchable, but can be narrowed down to the parish and date. There are controls to zoom in and out, adjust the contrast, download images, and a map feature that's handy for finding surrounding parishes.

I quickly found the record for my 2x great-grandfather's sister, Julia Creeden. She was baptized on July 3, 1842 in Clondrohid Parish. Her parents were Patrick Creeden and Mary Cokley and sponsors were Daniel Cokley and Hanora Creeden. The townland was given as Carrigapooka. I've also seen the last names for the parents spelled as Creedon or Creedan and Coakley, but I'll go with the spellings as they appear in the records.

Clondrohid, Ireland Baptism Register for July 1842 from National Library of Ireland
I was hoping to find a record for my 2x great-grandfather Timothy Creeden, but no such luck. I'm fairly certain that he was born in early 1846 and the only records available for Clondrohid in 1846 are for November and December. It's possible he was born in another parish, so I'll keep looking.

Meanwhile, I'm going to start listing the Creedon and any related families that I find in the registers. This post covers Creedens in the Clondrohid baptism registers from July to December, 1842. I was really having trouble making out some of the townlands, so I'm using the closest match from the list of Clondrohid townlands on the Irish Time website.

The page with Julia Creeden lists baptisms recorded in Clondrohid Parish for July 1842. I didn't find any other Creedon or Coakley references for July, August, November, or December 1842. Following are the other Creeden and Carrigapooka listings that I found from September to December 1842.

Sept. 5, 1842 - Johanna, Parents: Timothy Creeden, Johanna Kelleher, Sponsors: Sebastian Murphy, Catharine Creeden, Townland: Lacktify
Sept 14, 1842 - Mary, Parents: Thomas Mullan, Mary Doody, Sponsors: Daniel Creeden, Ellen Mullan, Townland:  ? (Mullan is possibly Mullane)
Sept. 25, 1842 - James, Parents: Denis Creeden, Julia Mullan, Sponsors: Mathias Kelleher, Margaret Kierney, Townland: Mullenroe

Oct. 25, 1842 - Mary, Parents: Morty Kelleher, Mary Creeden, Sponsors: Jeremiah Kelleher, Catharine (no last name), Townland: Ardeen

Dec. 7, 1842 - Julianna, Parents: Patrick Buckley, Ellen Waters, Sponsors: Andrew Buckley, Mary Waters, Townland: Carragapooka

I'll follow up in future posts with additional listings from the registers. Thanks to the National Library of Ireland for making this resource freely available!

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