Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday's Faces From the Past - Celina, Ohio Eagles Lodge

I was contacted by someone that rescued this picture from a flea market and wondered if I had more information on it. Luckily, the names were written on the back. My great-grandfather Charles Creeden is standing on the right in the middle row.

I knew from Charles' obituary that he had been a member of the Celina Eagles Lodge for many years and served as president at one time. My guess is that this is a picture of the Celina Eagles Lodge members taken when Charles was in his 30s or 40s. Charles lived from 1886-1958.

The following names were written on the back:

Top Row: Geo Detrich, Albert Schuck. Arsen Wenning. Vern Sacher. Ken?, John Hassman, Zeno Sacher, Fred Stemmer, H.J. Stelzer, J.P. Long

Middle Row: Clyde Myers. Henry Weisman. John Gast. Ben Ruschau, Joe Dierkes. Wm. Stein, Chas Cavender. Jake Puthoff. Chas Creeden

Charter Members Bottom Row: Wm Curry. Joe Schmidt. J. B. Schmidt. Jake Riesner. Oran Gillespie, John Schuyler, Frank Zender, Jake Gilcher. Frank Wolf.

A couple of newspaper articles from the Celina Democrat had several of the same names as members of the Eagles Lodge as those on the back of the picture.

December 10, 1915 - Celina Democrat newspaper
April 3, 1917 - Celina Democrat newspaper
Nice find at the flea market and I'm glad the photo was rescued!

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