Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Politics - 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #46

Week #46 – Politics. What are your childhood memories of politics? Were your parents active in politics? What political events and elections do you remember from your youth?

My parents usually weren't that active in politics, although they always voted in the major elections. An exception occurred when they received a letter informing them that the city was going to do housing inspections and that everyone would be required to conform to a Minimum Housing Standards Code. They were not going to grandfather in existing homes and the letter stated that they had the right to enter the premises for these inspections. If problems were found and the homeowner didn't fix them, legal action such as a lien on the house could be taken. My Dad was outraged at the thought of being forced to let someone enter our home with no cause and the thought that some could even lose their homes if they were unable to make upgrades. He mounted a successful campaign to get the ordinance overturned.

One of the elections I remember was when Nixon was reelected as President in 1972. He won in a landslide over George McGovern and everyone in my family had voted for Nixon except for one of my aunts. My parents and aunt and uncle got into a lively discussion over how she could have voted for McGovern and she finally said that she just didn't trust that "Tricky Dick"!

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