Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday's Obituary - Sister Mary Jean Durbin

This obituary was published in the Immaculate Conception Church Parish Monthly in February 1935 in Celina, Ohio. While most of the magazine contains devotional readings, the first few pages contained quite a bit of information on births, deaths, and marriages in the parish.

   The Rev. Pastor received word January 28th of the death of Sister Mary Jean Durbin. She departed this life January
24th, 1935, having reached the age of 26 years. She was a Dominican Sister of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Grand Rapids, Michigan and made her profession in the year 1931.
  Sister Mary Jean Durbin was the daughter of Mr. Thomas Durbin and Mary nee Puthoff and was born at Celina October 4, 1908.

   Although the family moved to Michigan several years ago, they are nevertheless well remembered by the members of the Immaculate Conception Parish.
   The Pastor extends his sympathy to the bereaved family and with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Durbin kindly asks the members of the parish to remember the departed in their prayers.

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