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Mappy Monday - Godwins in Queen Anne's County, MD Land Records

I've been going through the index records on the Maryland Land Records site looking for any signs of my 3x great-grandparents, Samuel and Ann Davis Godwin. Other than the information in the 1850 census, I don't know much about them. They lived in Queen Anne's County, MD in that census and were property owners. Samuel's occupation is given as sailor. Their daughter Susan married Samuel Sparks and in later census records, her parents' place of birth is given as Maryland.

I've found a couple of land records for a Samuel Godwin that are from the right time period. In Book TM 6, pages 552-555, Samuel Godwin, Emmil & Eliza Vincent, and William & Catherine Casey grant a deed to Samuel B. Meredith in 1833. One of the parcels of land mentioned is called "Partnership Addition" and was surveyed by Joseph B. Sparks for Susan Godwin. It includes "Ellen's Enlargement", formerly called "Chance" and "Elliot's Addition". "Elliott's Branch" and "Godwin's Square are also mentioned. The land is 111 3/4 acres and borders "Mary Ann's Lot" and "Exchange". The said Samuel Godwin, Eliza Vincent, and Catherine Casey inherited the land from their relative Susan Godwin.

Book TM 6, Page 554, Queen Anne's County, Maryland

My first guess is that Samuel Godwin, Eliza Vincent, and Catherine Casey might be siblings. The record names Susan Godwin as their deceased relative, but doesn't say what the relationship is.

The will of Thomas Godwin written in 1822 also mentions Samuel Meredith and says he is living on land called Sowes Arcadia and White Marsh Addition. There is no mention of Samuel Godwin in the will though. Thomas mentions his son Edward, daughters Aquila Cooper Godwin, and Anna Findley Godwin. The will also mentions his brother John and sister Catharine Newman. Thomas' will is available in the probate records for Queen Anne's County, MD in Wills 1815-1852, Images 112-113.

The second land record for Samuel Godwin is from Book JT 1, pages 288-290.  In this record from 1834, Samuel Godwin, Eliza Vincent, William Biscoe and his wife Mary, and Mary Skinner of Queen Anne's County are selling a tract of land called Pleasant Spring to John H. Covington for $458 and 33 cents. The land came to the sellers by way of inheritance from Susan Cadd, formerly Susan Biscoe and contained 122 1/2 acres.

Book JT 1, Page 288, Queen Anne's County, Maryland

So, this Samuel Godwin inherited land from Susan Godwin and Susan Cadd, formerly Susan Biscoe. I took a closer look at the names on page 289 just to make sure "Cadd" wasn't really "Godwin", but it doesn't appear to be.

I've found a few other records for Samuel Godwin, but they don't have any family information that would help pinpoint which Samuel they're for. I've seen middle initials "A" and "K" used, but most of the records have no middle initial. Probate records showed that Samuel K. Godwin died in 1834, so he can be ruled out.

To Do:
  • Investigate the other names in the records
  • Investigate the tracts of land mentioned in the records
  • Continue searching in the land and probate records
  • Find out if there are any records for Maryland sailors in 1850

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