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Mappy Monday - Levin Baynard's Estate

I posted last September about a distribution for John Councell's estate in Queen Anne's County, MD in 1836. It named his widow as Ann Councell and named sons John, Thomas Henry, James, William, and Francis. I believe that this Francis is my 2x great-grandfather, so I wanted to know more about his mother Ann.

I'd been having great success finding family information in the Maryland land records, but didn't find anything to shed any light on Ann's family in the Queen Anne's records. It turns out that I needed to broaden my search to some of the neighboring counties.

This record is from Book N, Page 338 of the Caroline County Court Land Records on

The record states that John Council and Ann Council his wife (formerly Ann Baynard) of Queen Anne's County are selling their share of Levin Baynard's estate to William Hughlett of Caroline County. The record didn't give details on the land or the relationship of Levin Baynard to Ann, but it says that they inherited 1/5 of Levin Baynard's estate.

In the Distributions book from Caroline County for 1812-1828, Image 80 on, distributions from Levin Baynard's estate are paid to Levin Baynard, John Councill in right of his wife; Abner Roe (of William) in right of his wife Elizabeth; Samuel Credich in right of his wife Ann; and the children of the deceased John Baynard on August 29, 1826. That explains why John and Ann inherited 1/5 of Levin Baynard's estate. It is curious that a second Ann Baynard is mentioned as the wife of Samuel Credich (or Craddick) and the wife of John Councill is not named here. I've seen Samuel's wife given as Nancy Baynard in some online trees, so it's possible that Ann was a nickname.

I'm guessing that Levin Baynard died without a will since the land record above says that he died "seized" and a Land Commission was formed to assess and divide his lands.

The record above is the only one I could find online for the results of the Land Commission from March 1821 on the Maryland Archives site. The index for the Land Commission names Levin's lands in Caroline County as part of Mary's Garden, Glasco, Keresby, Garrett's Lookout, Sandy Hill, Jackson's Meadows, Byrn's Bower and Piney Neck.

John and Ann Baynard Councill sold their share of Levin's estate in December 1821, so I suspect that there are more distributions and account records for Levin's estate. The only one I've found so far is the one from 1826.

There is still a lot to investigate, but it seems probable that my Francis' parents were John Councill and Ann Baynard and that Francis' grandfather was Levin Baynard.

Thanks to Cindy of the Eastern Shore Facebook group for pointing me to the land record for John and Ann Baynard Councill!

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