Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivation Monday - Researching my 2x Great-Grandparents

This is an update to my to-do list for my 2x great-grandparents. In the graphics below, I'm showing the parents for each of my great-grandparents and taking a quick look at how much research I've done on them to date.

I've made a lot of progress on my Councill families by going through land and probate records for Queen Anne's County, MD and the surrounding counties. I think Francis' parents were John Councill and Ann Baynard and I've found found several siblings for Francis. From land records, I know that Ann Baynard's father was Levin Baynard. I still haven't researched the Meredith family.

My Sparks and Godwin families are proving much harder to trace. Through land records, I know that Samuel's father is Daniel Sparks and from census records I know that Susan Godwin's parents are Samuel and Ann Godwin. I located Samuel Spark's obituary which was in an old email! I've found a few possibilities for Samuel Godwin's cousins and siblings, but nothing so far on his parents.

Next up:
  • Post the land records for Samuel Sparks.
  • Continue searching the land and probate records.
  • Start researching the Meredith family.

Since my last update, I received some information from the Clinton County Genealogy Society on my Creeden and Matson families. It didn't provide any information on their parents, but had some interesting data on some of their siblings and other relatives. I'd still like to find an actual vital record for Timothy Creeden and find out more about Mary Ann Matson's grandparents. I haven't made any progress on finding out what happened to Anna Niehaus' brother Albert Rohrer.

Next up:
  • Do a detailed timeline on Timothy and his children to see what records I'm still missing
  • Organize and post my research on Timothy's siblings
  • Retrace steps on Albert Rohrer and Mary Matson's parents
  • Follow up on some of the Creeden mysteries (more here)

Since my last update, I made some progress on  my Schaefer and Desch families and posted the will of Catherine's father Ferdinand Desch. I haven't done too much more on my Pulskamps and Gasts.

Next up:
  • Organize my Pulskamp and Gast data and see what's missing
  • Continue with Schaefer and Desch research

I haven't researched my Willis and Chilcutt families since my last update, so still have a lot of research to do on these lines.

Next up:
  • Organize the data I've collected on these families and enter into my family tree.
  • Continue going through the probate info on FamilySearch.

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