Monday, June 24, 2013

Mystery Monday - Which William is Which? - Part II

I posted earlier about trying to sort out a William Creeden that stayed in Ohio vs. one that went to Kansas. There was also my great-great-grandfather Timothy Creeden's half-brother, Patrick William Creeden who may have gone by William since his father's name was Patrick. Is he the same as the Kansas William? All three Williams are about the same age in the census records.

I found a marriage record for a W.P. Creedan in Clinton County, Ohio that matches the wife's name for the Kansas William, so it is looking more possible that they are the same.

The marriage record shows that a W.P. Creedan married Mary C. Snyder on August 22, 1885 in Clinton County, Ohio. Unfortunately, there are no ages or parents listed on the record. This information matches the William and Mary that I found in Darke County, Ohio in 1900 next to John Creedan. John's children are a match for the Clinton County John and William's are a match for the Kansas William.

The William and Mary C. in the 1900 census had been married for 15 years, so the 1885 marriage date is a match. It wouldn't be unusual for someone with the same name as their father to use their middle name, but would they switch their initials as was shown in the marriage record? It's still a mystery for now. My next step will be to try and find additional birth, death, and marriage records for the different Williams.

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