Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - A Mystery Solved

Dr. Edgar J. Willke and Alfrida Kleinhenz

I posted a little over a year ago about a wedding photo I had that was not labeled. It was in my grandfather's collection and I thought it might be someone related to his second wife, Hilda Kleinhenz. I recently discovered two books online about Hilda's sister Alfrida and her family. The This is Our Life book has the same photo in it!

The wedding photo is of Dr. Edgar J. Willke and Alfrida Kleinhenz. They were married on July 21, 1931 at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in St. Mary's, Ohio. Hilda was the maid of honor. The photo in This is Our Life is in much better condition than my copy and there is a second lovely photo of Alrida in her wedding dress on page 23 of the book. The books are beautifully done with many photos and interesting histories.Thanks so much to Andy N. for putting the books online!

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