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Amanuensis Monday - Councill Land Transactions in Queen Anne's County, MD

I knew that my great-grandparents Arianna Sparks and John Wesley Councill lived in Centreville, Maryland when they were first married and later moved to Baltimore. I was surprised to learn that John sold land to Arianna before moving to Baltimore.

According to a Queen Anne's County land record, John sold Arianna a tract of land in Queen Anne's County, MD called Security or Neglect for the sum of $1 "in consideration of natural love and affection and ... considerations to me moving?". I'm a bit puzzled as to why John sold the land to Arianna. The last word in the quote isn't too clear, but if it's "moving" I wonder if John moved to Baltimore before the rest of the family.

John is listed in the 1900 census in Queen Anne's County, MD with Arianna and their children, but the family was living in Baltimore by the 1910 census. One exception was their son Julius King Councill, born in 1899. He was living with his aunt and uncle Alexander and Carrie Godwin in Queen Anne's County in 1910 and his uncle Robert Councill lived nearby. Robert is also mentioned in the land record, along with his wife Martha Ann (Sparks) Councill. Robert was John's brother and Martha was Arianna's sister. There are several land transactions between John, Robert, Martha, and Arianna and it's a bit difficult to figure out the reasons behind them.

The land record transcribed below is from the Queen Anne's County Court WHC Book 9, pages 122-123 available on the site.

WHC Book 9, bottom of page 122

Queen Anne's County, to wit: Be it remembered that on the Twenty fourth day of January, in the year One Thousand eight-hundred and ninety nine, the following Deed was brought to be recorded, to wit:
   This Deed, made the 24th day of January in the year Eighteen hundred and ninety nine, by John W. Councill of Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of natural love and affection and of various ? and valuable considerations to me moving?, and of the sum of one dollar, I, the said John W. Councill do hereby grant and convey unto Arianna Councill, in fee simple, all that farm or tract of land, called or known as Security or Neglect or by whatever name or names the same be called or known, situate in the 3rd Election District of Queen Anne's County, Maryland on the left of public road leading from Centreville to Queenstown, adjoining the lands of Martha Ann Councill, and the lands of the heirs of Wm McKenney and containing by metes and bounds, courses and distances, in a deed to said John W. Councill from Robt. H. Councill & wife, dated September 7th 1889, and recorded in Liber WD No 3 folios 344 &c., a Land Record Book for Queen Anne's County, one hundred and forty three acres ? and ten perches of land, more or less, except fifteen acres of land formerly in the tract but conveyed by the said John W. Councill to Martha Ann Councill by Deed dated 20th December in the year 1894, and recorded in Liber W.H.C. No 2 folios 242 &c., one of the aforesaid Land Records. This grant is made subject to the mortgage from John W. Councill to C.S. Jump , dated 24th September 1898, and recorded in Liber W.H.C. No 8 folios 291 &c., one of the aforesaid Land Records. Witness my hand and seal the date and year first above written.

WHC Book 9, page 123
The transaction mentioned from Book WD 3, pages 344 and 345 was a division of land between Mary A. Councill, Robert Councill and John W. Councill. It refers to Book WD 1, page 143 and this record states that the land was inherited from Francis Councill. He was the father of Mary, Robert, and John. I'm searching now for a record of Arianna selling the land to see if that sheds some light on when she moved and why the land was sold to her.

Updating to add that I found the record of Arianna and John selling the land in Book SS, Pages 131-134. They sold the land to J. Harry and Julia A. Lattimore in 1908. While Arianna was listed in the index as the grantor, both Arianna and John are listed on the deed. So, it's still a mystery as to why John sold the land to Arianna for $1!

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