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Census Sunday - Walnut Street, Celina, Ohio

Walnut Street in Celina, Ohio was home to much of my father's family. He grew up on 670 N. Walnut Street in the house that his Creeden grandparents owned for over 40 years.

Creeden family on 670 North Walnut St. in 1940 Census
His Pulskamp grandparents lived down the street at 619 N. Walnut St. and his aunt and uncle Clarence and Emma Lee Art lived on 623 N. Walnut St. Emma Lee was George and Mary Pulskamp's daughter and the twin sister of my grandmother Anna Lee Pulskamp Creeden.

Pulskamp and Art families on North Walnut St. in 1940 census
Both sets of my father's grandparents were in the same houses in the 1930 census with several of their children living with them. Both families owned their homes.The Creeden house was valued at $5500 and the Pulskamp house at $8000.

Creeden family at 670 N. Walnut St. in 1930 census
Pulskamp family at 619 N. Walnut St. in 1930 census
According to the Mercer County Auditor's site, the Pulskamp house has 2619 square feet and was built in 1926. The Creeden house has 1195 square feet and was built in 1903.

1920 Census with Creeden and Pulskamp families on N. Walnut St.
I was surprised to find that both families were living on Walnut Street in the 1920 census, but in different houses. The families were living very close to each other, with the Creedens at 611 and the Pulskamps at 623 N. Walnut St. Both families owned their homes, although the Creedens had a mortgage. My grandparents Robert Creeden and Anna Lee Pulskamp were 8 and 9 years old, so must have known each other at an early age.

Pulskamp family at 611 N. Walnut St. in 1910
In the 1910 census, the Pulskamps owned the home on 611 N. Walnut Street. The Creeden family may have bought the house from the Pulskamps since they were living in it by 1920. I also noticed that the Art's house at 623 in 1940 was the same house that the Pulskamps owned in 1920. That house was being rented in 1930, so it's possible that George still owned it then. It was interesting to see all the moving around the families did on the same street!

Census images are from Census Sunday is a daily blogging prompt suggested by Colleen Pasquale of Leaves and Branches.

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