Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sibling Saturday - Camping in the Keys

This shot of my sister and I munching on raisins always cracks me up. Check out our skinned up knees, not to mention my sister's hat and sunglasses! My Dad used to call her Miss Hollywood in that outfit. My Mom was always big on using napkins even when we were camping and I see I have one on my lap. Too funny!

We used to go to the Keys during Spring Break and in the summers. These photos were probably taken at one of the campgrounds in Marathon sometime in the '70s. Our tent is in the background and I can still remember the musty smell of a hot tent in Florida. A few other things I see in the background are a Coleman grill and propane, Lux liquid soap, Musselman's Apple Juice, and laundry hanging on a line. This was one of the trips where my best friend and her family joined us at the campground. She's on the right in the second picture, also enjoying some raisins. We had a lot of fun and adventures on those trips!

Sibling Saturday, a daily blogging prompt suggested by Susan Mosey of Ancestry Binders.

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