Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bedroom - 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #19

This is a weekly challenge from GeneaBloggers called 52 weeks of personal genealogy history.

Week #19 – Bedroom Week 19. Bedroom. Describe your childhood bedroom. What furniture did it contain? Were there curtains, wallpaper or paint? Was it messy or clean? Did you share a room with your siblings? 

My sister and I shared a bedroom when we first moved into our house in Florida. We had twin beds and a dresser. The house had terrazzo floors and no carpeting when we moved in. After a few years, we added a family room on to the house and my sister moved into the spare bedroom that we had been using as a family room. We kept the twin beds in my room and added a French provincial vanity, small desk and new dresser. We put wall to wall carpeting in the house and my sister and I were allowed to choose the colors for our rooms. We added blue carpeting in my room and I had light blue curtains to match the new carpet. We didn't have wallpaper or different paint colors on the walls, but in my teenage years there were posters on the walls. My mother was quite neat and kept a very clean house, so while our rooms got cluttered sometimes, they were always clean. She may have a different opinion on that!

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