Monday, July 4, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Letter from Guion Miller

According to my father, there was a rumor of a Cherokee connection to my gg-grandfather Timothy Creeden. A few years ago, I requested the application records for an Ida L. Creeden for her share of money appropriated for the Eastern Cherokee Indians by an Act of Congress on June 30, 1906. The index I had available at the time showed that Ida was married to a Timothy Creeden, so I was curious to see if there was any connection to my family. The packet that I received included this letter from Guion Miller and a response from Ida L. Creeden:

Ida L. Creeden,
Dora, Arkansas
    On January 21, 1907, you executed the Eastern Cherokee Applications, Nos. 13691 and 13692, on behalf of Ruthy Nettles. 
    It does not appear from either of these applications by what authority you apply for this claimant, and you are requested to inform this Office, at your earliest convenience, in regard to same.

Guion Miller
Special Commissioner

Ida Creeden's response:
Campbell, I.T.
May 28, 1907
     The blank was intended for Ida L. Creeden and the other was a copy used for her sister, Ruthy Nettles and Ida L. Creeden copied from same. I was told then that they had it made in duplicate. Write me @ Campbell, I.T.
Resp., Ida L. Creeden

I can see where the confusion came in, as the application gave the name of Ruthy Nettles, but was signed by Ida L. Creeden. One page had Ruthy Nettles crossed out and Ida L. Creeden entered in the Remarks section. It's quite a few pages, so I won't post all of the images here, but if anyone is interested in this family, I'd be glad to provide digital copies.

The parents of Ruthy and Ida were Frank Marrs and Martha Hogg. They listed all of the siblings with birth and death dates, including Francis Marrs (1852-1855), Jeff (1851-1857), George (1860-1883), Caroline (1858-1861), Charley (1874-1893), Ida (1870), and Harrison (1872), Ruthy (1885). Martha Hogg was the Cherokee relation and her English name was Martha Hodge.

There was a supplemental application for Ida's minor daughter Nellie Creeden. Nellie was born on 8/18/1891. Ida's husband is listed on this form as Tim Creeden, age 46 years, so it would appear that he was born in 1861. Under the question of what tribe the spouse belonged to, Cherokee is entered. My Timothy was born in 1846 and lived in Ohio, so I don't think there is any relation to this family. It looks like that family rumor will remain a mystery, at least for now!

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