Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sorting Saturday - That's the Ticket!

Does anyone else have a collection of ticket stubs sitting in a shoebox?

I've collected them since I was a college freshman and at one time had a lot of them posted on a bulletin board. In one of my moves, I threw them into a shoebox and I've been collecting them there ever since. I've been looking for an easy way to organize them and ran across this little scrapbook called the Ticket Stub Diary. It has several different size slots to hold the tickets and room to write on the pages. It's available on for about $10.00, so even if it doesn't work out for my needs, I haven't invested too much.

My first task is just to see what I have and the easiest thing to do is sort them in chronological order. There were a few surprises in there from shows I hadn't thought of for a long time and it was good to see some of my favorites were still intact.

My earliest ticket stub is from the FSU vs. Florida football game on Oct. 16, 1976 in Tallahassee, FL. We didn't win, but had a good game and went on to win the next four games against Florida. This was Bobby Bowden's first year as head coach at FSU and was very exciting as the program started to win games. It was so easy to get good seats back then. Wow, Row 15 for $8.00!

One of the prize tickets in my collection is from U2's opening night for their Zoo TV tour in 1992. This was before you could buy tickets online and the only way to get them was to stand in line. We were in line overnight, but they sold out in 6 minutes and we didn't get tickets. The week before the show, I won 2 tickets from a local radio station! It was an incredible show and I was so lucky to see it. The Lakeland Civic Center seated less than 6000 people, so it was by far the smallest venue on their tour and we had a great view.

Now that the stubs are sorted, I can move on to the harder task of scanning them for backup and entering them into the book. There are a lot of great memories in that box!

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