Monday, July 2, 2012

Matson Family Research page 3 - Amanuensis Monday

This is Page 3 of the Matson family research from correspondence between researchers in 1903. They are continuing the discussion about the Matson family's possible Swedish origins. Several sources on Swedish immigrants to Pennsylvania and Delaware are listed.

...But it is just as likely that the Nilssons above are his sons and that the Matson family is descended from one or more of the Matte, Matts, or Mats given above.
   You will recall that the first Swedish settlement on the Delaware was in 1638, that they were conquered by the Dutch in 1654, and it was not until 1664 that the grant of Charles II to his brother, James, Duke of York brought these settlers under the English crown. The deed of confirmation to Neals (or Nils) Matson in 1670 shows beyond question that he was one of the early Swedish settlers and that he found it necessary under the English rule to have the title to his 100 acres confirmed by the Duke of York's representative, Gov. Lovelace.
  If it is your intention to work on the genealogy of the Matson family, I would suggest the following as being among the best authorities covering the Swedish colony:-
   "History of New Sweden" by Carnpanius
   "Arrival of the Swedes on the Delaware" by Rev. J. C. Clay, D.D.
   Vincents' "History of Delaware"
   Ferris' "Original Settlements on the Delaware"
   "Records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Wilmington" recently published and U.S. records of Old Swedes (or Gloria Dei) Church, Philadelphia, in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
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