Monday, December 24, 2012

Witnesses and Neighbors - Mappy Monday

I posted earlier about the trail of probate records and Guardian's Bonds that helped to link my great-great-grandfather Timothy Creeden to Patrick Creedan's family in Clinton County, Ohio. The bonds showed that Timothy was named guardian of his half-sister Roseanna shortly after their father Patrick's death in Clinton County in 1883. The guardian's bonds were filed in Clinton County until 1887 when the probate case was moved to Mercer County, Ohio. I still had a nagging doubt that there could be a second Timothy Creeden that made the move from Clinton to Mercer, so was looking for some additional proof that this was my Timothy.

The witnesses on the Mercer County bond were Henry Beathler and John H. Siebert. I had a copy of the 1888 atlas showing Timothy Creeden's section of land in Hopewell Township in Mercer County, so I decided to see where the witnesses lived. The witnesses were close neighbors to my Timothy! I am still looking for that ultimate record that shows Timothy's birth date, location, and/or parents, but I think I can be reasonably sure that Timothy was the son of Patrick Creedan.

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