Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rose Creeden - Sunday's Obituary

This is an obit card from the Mercer County, OH library:

age 66 yrs.
b. 1856                   OH
d. 30-June-1922     Jefferson Twp.
bd. St. Marys Cemetery, Celina, OH
fa. unknown   mo. unknown

I believe Rose (or Roseanna) was the daughter of Patrick Creedan and Hannah Hoover and she was born in Clinton County, OH. Rose's birth year seems to vary with each census. I could not find her in the 1860 census. In the 1870 census, her age is given as 6 years old and in the 1880 census, she is 19. The probate records place her birth year around 1856, so perhaps that is the correct year. In the 1900 census, her birth year is 1858 and her parents' places of birth are given correctly as Ireland for her father and Ohio for her mother. In the 1910 census, both parents' place of birth is given as Ireland and in the 1920 census both are given as the United States.

Rose's father Patrick died in 1883 and in his will, he left two shares of his estate for her care "in consequence of her feeble mental condition".  Patrick's son Timothy was named as Rose's guardian in 1883 and probate records show that he continued as guardian as late as 1891. The case was moved from Clinton County to Mercer County, OH when Timothy moved his family there. At some point Rose was placed in the Mercer County Infirmary where she lived out the rest of her life. Her death certificate says she was a resident of Mercer County for 27 years, which fits in with the family moving there around 1885.

I find it sad that by the time she died, it appears that they did not know who her family was. Timothy died in 1899 and his will did not mention Rose. While the obit card says she was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, the genealogy society's book of cemetery inscriptions for St. Mary's does not list her. Her parents are listed as unknown on the obit card and her death certificate, so it is nice to be able to fill in a few details of her life. Thanks to Marj for sending me a copy of the obit card.


  1. I have received several obituaries recently from Stockton, California. They really helped fill in a lot of details of a family I'm working on. I think sometimes we forget to start at the end when doing research.

    Regards, Grant

  2. I've found a lot of info in obituaries too, including a couple of family stories that I'd never heard before. It's definitely worth searching for them.