Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shopping Saturday - Dry Goods, Notions and More

My 2x great-grandfather, Timothy Creeden was the guardian of his half-sister, Roseanne Creeden in Clinton and Mercer counties in Ohio. Timothy had to keep records of any purchases made on Roseanne's behalf and there were several purchases for clothing materials in Roseanne's probate file.

This purchase was made in Celina, Ohio in December of 1888 for 10 yards of calico, 1 card of buttons, shirting?, and a pair of shoes. There is an entry called O.N.T. on most of the receipts for 5 cents. I'm not sure if that was a tax or if that stood for something else.

The logo shown above says "Bought of C. D. Hierholzer & Co. Wholesale and Retail". It looks like C.D. Hierholzer & Co. sold a bit of everything with "Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets, Boots and Shoes" stated on its receipts. That's quite a combination and long before the days of Walmart! It's hard to imagine the norm being to shop for the materials to make clothes instead of the clothes themselves.

In the upper left corner of the receipt, there are three names: C. D. Hierholzer, P. H. Schunck, and J. H. Pulskamp.

I would guess these are partners in the ownership of the store. I was surprised to see my Pulskamp name again. This may be my great-grandfather George Pulskamp's brother J. Henry Pulskamp.

This receipt shows another purchase for several yards of muslin in October of 1888.

Shopping Saturday is a prompt suggested by Audrey Collins of The Family Recorder.

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