Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Daniel Matson


   Daniel Matson, 86, died at his home on North Lincoln street, Sunday, at 6 P.M.,
from a two months illness of weakness of the heart. He was confined to his bed during his entire illness.
   Daniel Matson was a member of Co. F,  6Oth O. V. I., in the Civil War. The deceased entered the war with his three brothers, Harrison, John, and Jeff, he being the only one to return. Harrison and John both were killed in action, and Jeff was held prisoner at Andersonville by the Rebels and suffered all its savagery, starving to death while in prison.
   At the close of the war, he settled on a farm on Port William pike and became a prosperous farmer. He was a good soldier, good citizen and a loyal and active member of the Morris McMillan Post, G.A.R. for the last 40 years, becoming a member August 4, 1888.
   He is the last surviving member of a family of 13 children.
   Surviving are the widow, formerly Teresa Ludden, and one daughter, Mrs. Ed. Hackney, of near Wilmington. One daughter, Mrs. William Dabe, died several years ago.
   Funeral services will be held in the Church of Christ, Wednesday at 2 P.M., in charge of Rev. A. H. Wilson and Rev. J. I. McWilliams.
   Burial in charge of B. D. E. Arthur, will be made in Sugar Grove cemetery.

I had previously found a short obituary for Daniel in the Mansfield News, but this one from the newspaper in Clinton County, Ohio gives a lot more detail. From my previous post: Daniel Matson was the son of Asa Matson and Dolly Clevenger. He was born on Feb. 13, 1842 in Clinton County, Ohio and was the brother of my 2x grandmother Mary Matson Creeden. The Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) mentioned in the obituary was a fraternal organization of Civil War veterans who had served in the Union Army.

I noticed one large error in the obituary and that was the statement that John Matson was killed in action. John was wounded, but survived and relocated to Mercer County, Ohio near his sister Mary Matson Creeden. He is buried next to Mary's son James and was given a Civil War gravestone. The Jeff Matson mentioned in the obituary was probably Thomas Jefferson Matson and the Harrison Matson may have also been known as Jares Matson.

There is an interesting debate about whether or not the Sugar Grove Cemetery can or should sell its Civil War cannons that are part of its veteran's monument. From the Wilmington News Journal article on the cannons, the dedication included a march through the streets of Wilmington to the cemetery, with Dan Matson, an 85-year-old Civil War veteran, as standard bearer.

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