Saturday, January 8, 2011

Timothy Creeden of Ireland

The first line I started researching was my Creeden line. My great-great-grandfather Timothy was from County Cork, Ireland and that was about all I knew about him!

I started searching on the web and was lucky enough to find someone that was related to one of Timothy's granddaughters. He had a list of Timothy's children and his wife's name, so that gave me a great start on finding out more.

Here's what I know about Timothy:
  • Born March 26, 1846
  • Married to Mary Ann Matson in Clinton County, OH on December 10, 1868
  • Listed as a farmer in Clinton County, OH in the 1870 and 1880 US census
  • Bought land in the Hopewell Township of Mercer County, OH in 1884
  • Had 10 children with Mary: Patrick, James, Mary Elizabeth, Daniel, Dennis, Edward, Charles, Julia, Idabel, and Joshua
  • Died on December 14, 1899
  • Note in the newspaper thanked people for helping the family during his illness
  • Will left everything to his wife Mary and then to the living children if she remarried
  • Buried in the Catholic cemetery in Mercer County, OH. 
  • Tombstone lists his age as 53-8-19 and gives his date of death

None of the records I have give any information on his family or origins other than Ireland. My great-grandfather remembered him saying he was from County Cork which is where most Creedon families are from, so that is most likely true.

So, where to go from here? I will list what I have tried so far in another post...


  1. The Irish Family History FOundation has a large listing of records. When I did a search for Timothy Creeden (I didn't even need to type in County Cork, as all results posted were from that county) there were 14 Timothy Creedens listed 1841-1849 with no listing of a birth in 1846, but 1 listing in 1847. The indexes don't give enough information to tell if this is the correct record, and you'd have to know the parents names to be sure once you did buy the record.

    As for the naming patterns, keep in mind that someone might have been using a middle name as their forename, which adds a whole other wrench to the research. I had a Bridget who was always listed as Bridget until she died. She miraculously had a name change to Elizabeth!

    Good luck with your resaerch!


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  2. BTW, the link to the IFHF is

  3. Thanks Angela! I looked at the baptism record for the Timothy born in 1847 awhile ago. The father's name (William) doesn't appear in my Creeden tree, but I know that doesn't prove anything one way or the other.

    Timothy is the only name given on his gravestone and his will, but still you never know. It's certainly possible that wasn't his given first name. I'll follow up with some more posts on things I've tried.