Monday, February 13, 2012

Military Monday - The 28th Division: Pennsylvania's Guard in WWI

I posted earlier about searching for records for my great-uncle Julius Councill. Julius lost his life in WWI and I was able to find some information about him through NARA and his Burial Case Files. I still hadn't been able to find a picture of Julius, but received an email pointing me to The 28th Division: Pennsylvania's Guard in World War 1, available at The book contains unit histories and rosters for the 28th Division, including names and pictures. Thanks to the email from Kathy S., I was finally able to find a picture of Julius!

Corporal Julius King Councill

Page listing Julius Councill, 111th Infantry, Company B

Pictures of some of the Company B soldiers


  1. Can anyone tell me what book the pages above came from? My great-grandfather's brother was with Company B of the 28th Division and was killed while fighting in France. I'd love to find some more information on Company B.
    Thank you!

    1. Anna, I found the book on here: Click on the https link on the left-hand side to get here:
      The pages are images, so need to be viewed in an image or photo viewer.

      Also, if you enter Julius Councill in the search box on the top left of my blog, you can find my other posts about Julius and Company B.

      You might want to look into your ancestor's burial case files as I described here:

      There are some newspaper articles on Company B here:

      You can also click on the links (the red text) in the blog post above. Hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you find some information on your ancestor.

  2. I actually have all 5 or 6 volumes of the books that these pics are taken from. They were passed down from my grandfather who was a past national commander for the Society of the 28th Division A.E.F.

    1. What a nice keepsake to have from your grandfather!