Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surname Saturday - 2x Great-Grandparents

I mentioned in my Gast surname post that I'd finally posted some information for each of my lines at the great-grandparent level. I've skipped around quite a bit and some posts were a lot more detailed than others, but these posts have really helped me to organize my data and see what's missing.

In the graphics below, I'm showing the parents for each of my great-grandparents and taking a quick look at how much research I've done on them to date.

I probably have the most data on the Creeden famly since they're the ones I started out researching. I'd still like to find an actual vital record for Timothy Creeden and find out more about Mary Ann Matson's grandparents. I think Timothy's parents are Patrick Creedan and Mary Coakley from Clondrohid, Ireland, but I'd like to find more evidence to back that up. The main mystery on the Niehaus side is what happened to Anna Niehaus' brother Albert Rohrer?

Next up:
  • Do a detailed timeline on Timothy to see what records I'm still missing
  • Follow up with Clinton County Genealogy Society. I wrote them in January to see what info they might have on the Creeden and Matson families and was contacted in March by someone that said she had information on the families. Updating to add that I should be receiving the information from the Clinton County Genealogy Society soon!
  • Retrace steps on Albert Rohrer.

I've been going through the Queen Anne's County, MD probate records on FamilySearch for these families and I've found probate files or wills for Francis Councill, his wife Mary, and Samuel and Susan Sparks. I still have a lot of data to go through and posted earlier about how intertwined these families were. I don't know the parents for Mary Meredith or anything about her family, although some other Merediths pop up in the census records.

Next up:
  • Organize the data I've collected recently and enter into my family tree.
  • Transcribe the wills and probate info I've found on FamilySearch.

I haven't researched my Schaefer line at all and don't know too much about my Desch family. I just recently found the will of Catherine's father Ferdinand Desch on FamilySearch, so I'll transcribe that in a future post. I have quite a bit of info on the Pulskamps and Gasts, but some of it still needs to be sorted out.

Next up:
  • Start researching the Schaefer line. Woot, a whole new line to investigate!
  • Transcribe the will for Ferdinand Desch.

I've posted some information on my Willis and Chilcutt families, but still have a lot of research to do on these lines. I have even less data on the Adams and Covey lines. I have a head start for all of these thanks to people that shared their family trees. It is much appreciated!

Next up:
  • Organize the data I've collected on these families and enter into my family tree.
  • Continue going through the probate info on FamilySearch.

So that's a quick glance at where I am for my 2x great-grandparents. Looks like I have a long "to do" list!


  1. Hi Kathryn, I really like how you organized your research to-do's on this post. Seems as though the exercise gave you clear direction.
    Also, I am a Niehaus in Indianapolis. Maybe we are related in some way. I have family lines posted at, along with my email, if you are so inclined. Thanks for the idea.
    Nancy Niehaus Hurley

    1. Thanks Nancy! Your website looks great. Some of my Niehaus family wound up in Indiana, so it's quite possible we have a connection. I'll follow up with an email this week.