Sunday, September 18, 2011

Earliest Memory - 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #37

Week 37. Earliest Memory. What is your earliest memory?

Hiking in TN with my Dad
When I was a few months old, we moved from Florida to Knoxville, Tennessee. We moved back to Florida right after I turned 4, so my earliest memories are from when we lived in Tennessee. I remember a few things, but it is hard to say which one was the earliest. One thing I don't remember is the hike pictured to the left!

My father took some pictures of me outside after it snowed and I remember posing for the pictures. He had me shake some snow off a branch and I remember how cold and icy it was. Another early memory is from what was probably our last Christmas in Knoxville when I was 3. I heard a strange noise and came downstairs to find my father inflating what was to become Dino the Dinosaur!

One strange memory is of a bad dream. I was still in a toddler's bed with the crib rail bars up around it and in the dream some clown kind of character was trying to get in past the bars. It was probably from something I saw on TV. I can still picture the clown and he was holding some kind of mallet. I don't remember having a fear of clowns, but I could understand why some kids do!

My sister became ill after she was born and I can remember the chaos of taking her to the hospital. I had a teddy bear with me and a stranger was talking to me about the bear while my parents dealt with the hospital staff.

A favorite early memory is of my first Ferris wheel ride. My father took me up in it and I was a bit scared at first, but could see that he wasn't scared at all. I remember this Ferris wheel as being huge, but it most likely was a fairly typical one. I have loved rides like that and views from high places ever since!

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