Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday's Obituary - Ezekiel Godwin

Ezekiel C. Godwin
(Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Sun.)
Easton, MD. Oct 29. -- Ezekiel Cooper Godwin, of Whitman, Talbot county, died last week, aged 74 years. He was a native of Queen Anne's county, Md. Through his mother, he was connected with the well-known Ezekiel Cooper family, of Delaware. Mr. Godwin removed to Talbot in 1862, and went into mercantile business, which he continued until his death. He married Miss Kennard, of Kent county. She is dead. A daughter, Mrs. James Horney, of Bay Hundred, survives.

The obituary was published in the Baltimore Sun on October 30, 1899.

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